Interview: Dan Boeckner of Operators on Dystopias, Girls, and Advice for Young Bands [The Main]

Fresh off a tour alongside Future Islands, the prolific indie-rock veteran is already gearing up for yet another North American tour with his newest band Operators; a mesmerizing power-trio who have been gathering critical acclaim for their dance-driven electronic sound for the past year. While most bands focus on pushing their online presence before a release – whether it be a music video, teaser trailer, or an abundance of tweets and status updates – Operators decided against that, opting instead to premiere their music over a month-long series of shows to sweaty, buzzing audiences who didn’t know a single lyric. Their debut EP – aptly titled EP1 – harks back to synth-pop of the past, to a time where analog music thrived and where Macbooks had yet to be invented.

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