Review: Mykki Blanco at the Fairmount Theatre [Exclaim!]

Few people can transfix a crowd quite like Mykki Blanco. Since the release of her mixtape Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss back in 2012, Blanco has managed to infiltrate the traditionally hyper-masculine world of rap with her own signature blend of punk performance art, her undeniable charisma, and high-octane performances placing her in a league of her own.

Refusing to let her style fall into the (at times) problematic category of "queer rap," Blanco's poetry nonetheless attracts those who have, at one point, been labelled as other, whose uphill battles mirror Blanco's own in various ways. Taking to the stage yesterday evening (May 27) in front of a small, gorgeous Fairmount Theatre crowd, Blanco proved just how powerful she could be.

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