This Startup Titan is Giving Back to the Community in a Monumental Way

“This used to be my office,” says Dax Dasilva with a laugh. The founder of Never Apart points to the enclosed glass room in front of us, decorated to look like an abandoned travel agency: unflattering dim light, gray carpet covered in airline logos, Hawaiian lei hanging off an open glass case like a guest that’s overstayed their welcome. There’s even a security gate on the door, making the room seem more like a dingy storefront than an installation in one of Montreal’s most revered venues. The installation, which comments on the nuances of cultural exchange and the commodification of cultural diaspora, is not meant to be pretty, but poignant. And while many of the other summer exhibits on display throughout the 12,000 square foot building represent physical beauty and badassery in many forms—like in the theatre below, displaying the photography of Sven Marquardt, the infamous bouncer of Berlin’s Berghainnightclub—it becomes increasingly clear that Dasilva’s goal for the space is not to simply bring in beautiful art, but art that aims to bring about social change and spiritual awareness. 

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